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Louis bespoke kitchens are designed to offer something really different by way of a new and refreshing mix of form and function, one that not only addresses those issues that arguably have been overlooked by more conventional kitchen manufacturers – but one that respects also the scale of investment that is necessary today to bring something really special into the home.




Louis kitchens are:

Logicallogic is the foundation of all intelligent design, i.e. design that really works!  Good design is a delicate balance between its essential components form and function but, without logic, form can easily be allowed to dominate function to the extent that the subject matter becomes purely an art form that has little or no practical value. (e.g. a kitchen where the designer has “cheekily mixed stainless steel with 3 exotic hardwoods” – but unfortunately has omitted to include somewhere to hang a tea-towel!!)

Original – we are not afraid to use this word as we believe that we are truly original in promoting a kitchen brand that actually (a) rationalises its manufacturing philosophy and (b) justifies its designs.

UniqueIf, as we claim, our product range does not replicate anything that has gone on before then, by definition, Louis Kitchens can truly be described as being unique

Innovative we believe that it is our ‘outside the box’ thinking that differentiates us from other kitchen companies as we unashamedly challenge convention and we offer fresh, and often much simpler, solutions to some old problems.

Sustainable we believe that, although sustainability is difficult to quantify, our kitchens make a very small environmental footprint compared with kitchens from our competitors and thus we leave more of the planet to be enjoyed by our children and our childrens children. Check out our philosphy to see if you agree.


Logical                   Original                    Unique                    Innovative                Sustainable