INSTALLATION – this is how we do it:

1 We remove your old kitchen complete – including all the old pipework, the electrical sockets, the lighting and anything else that is redundant and not a part of the new kitchen.

2 We then carry out the electrical and plumbing work that is necessary to suit the new layout.

3 We then make good all the plasterwork to the walls and ceiling and we make sure the floor is levelled and ready to receive the new tiles.

4 We then tile and grout the floor wall to wall i.e. we don’t leave out where there will be units.

5 We then emulsion paint the walls and ceiling.

6 Then, and only then, when we have an empty but very well prepared, and very clean, ‘shell’ will we deliver your new kitchen to you to start the installation.

7 We then install the new cabinets and at this stage the doors are not fitted as templates must be made before the worktops can be fabricated.

8 We then make the worktop templates.

9 There will then almost certainly be a break in the continuity of the installation as the lead time on our worktops averages 5/7 working days. We do not however leave you without ‘life support’ and every effort is made to have sink, taps, worktops and temporary cooking arrangements in place during this period.

10 Once the worktops have been delivered we arrange the installation of them along with the appliances and the cabinet fronts.

11 Accessories, splashbacks, tiling and lighting then come under review and these are arranged in order to complete your kitchen.

12 Having completed your kitchen we make sure you are happy with everything and then, after 2 weeks and you have got your ‘pilot’s license’ for your new kitchen, we return to allow you to show us your satisfaction by cooking us a nice meal – we do bring the wine though!!